Diana Vacc Sees OUTLANDER Episode 5 “Untimely Resurrection”

outlander-season-2by Diana Vaccarelli

This episode of Outlander entitled “Untimely Resurrection” finds Jamie and Claire at odds as the past comes back to haunt them. If you haven’t viewed this episode yet be warned this review may contain spoilers.


  • The writing of this episode was the best this show has achieved to date. Richard Kahan writes an episode so full of tension that I didn’t just see and hear it, I felt it in my bones. The dialogue this time around is fantastic and gives the actors so much to play with. The way Kahan wrote the return of the Villain – Black Jack Randall – made it the best scene of the show. Everything about it was perfect.
  • The Acting was topnotch. Caitriona Balfe, who portrays our heroine Claire, demonstrates a true conflict of the heart. She gives everything to her performance in this episode, and I felt her inner turmoil as my own. Sam Heughan, as Jamie, truly owns this episode with his performance. The anger, satisfaction, and, yes, happiness of the character is tangible in every scene. And, as Black Jack, Tobias Menzies is so evil that the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end.

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