Crowdfunding: Bureau of Creative Works


Here’s an interesting new approach to funding and distributing work by new filmmakers. The Bureau of Creative Works will help 12 different filmmakers create 12 new short films which will, according to its Kickstarter page, be distributed “exclusively to the very supporters who helped make that film possible.”

The project page explains that 80& of the funds will go directly to the production budget of each film with the other 20% “split between Kickstarter / Amazon / VHX fees, and then operating cost, ie., The Bureau.”

Could be terrific. Could be totally unnecessary. If this sounds good to you, then TVWriter™ humbly suggesta you hop on over to the Bureau of Creative Works Kickstarter page and check it out!

A word to the wise: Doing your due diligence is a must whenever you consider backing a crowdfunding campaign.