We’re so glad to have a reason to use this cool TRUE BLOOD pic.

Yeah, we meant to find some rotten puns playing on “renewal” and “cancellation,” but we just couldn’t find a metaphor that would fit a vampire series, a teen drama about twin sisters, and a show about basketball dancers. (WTF?) Hard to believe, huh?

Be that as it may, HBO yesterday announced that it/they (we can never get the pronoun straight) have renewed TRUE BLOOD for a seventh season, which means that new showrunner Brian Buckner has made the cut.

While HBO was bragging, VH1 joined the party by announcing an upcoming second season for HIT THE FLOOR. Turns out that showrunner James LaRosa is a big hit at VH1. (We were gonna go off on a huge snark based on the concept that we couldn’t understand why, but sound editorial judgment has told us to leave it to your imagination instead.)

And, also yesterday, ABC Family informed the world that THE LYING GAME won’t have a third season. Wonder what as-good-as-former showrunner Chuck Pratt, Jr., has lined up next.

We sense a certain heat here on HIT THE FLOOR too…

Hmm, we’ve enjoyed Pratt’s cliffhanger endings on TLG. Maybe he should join Buckner or LaRosa? Just don’t let him do the casting.

Hmm, this LYING GAME image isn’t nearly as hot. Could that be why it’s the one that isn’t returning?

EDITOR’S NOTE: We apologize to any and all who are offended by the blatant sexism in this article. The writer is soo fucking immature.

Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 3/14/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are

  • Angela Santomero (BLUE CLUES) is developing SARA SOLVES IT, a children’s show for Amazon Studios which will be one of several completed pilots that Amazon will test online, looking for audience feedback, at al. (Which brings up a question: Can any tech company ever make decisions based on its gut? And another question: Can any artistic endeavor be successful if it doesn’t come from the gut?)
  • Ron Moore (anybody remember BATTLESTAR GALACTICA? ) has gotten the go-ahead into series by Syfy for his hight-tech medical thriller, HELIX.  (Which sounds to a us a bit too similar to some old Michael Crichton book. Anybody remember THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN?)
  • Daron Nefcy (a newb illustrator from Cal Arts) has sold STAR AND THE FORCES OF EVIL, an animated series about a magical teen princess from another dimension, to the Disney Channel. (Which tells us that the way the characters look will probably be more important than the writing – and that it pays to go to school at a place known within the biz as “Disney U.”)
  • Brian Buckner (TRUE BLOOD) is moving up to showrunner of TRUE BLOOD, replacing Mark Hudis, who replaced Alan Ball. (Which tells us that this isn’t an easy show to take charge of. But at least there’s no Robert Kirkman prob.)