Big Writer Deals!

TVWriter™ reads the trades so you won’t have to:

  • Mark Rizzo (THE MAN DATE, ZIP) is developing the film HEATHERS as a sitcom for Bravo.
  • Bret Easton Ellis (AMERICAN PSYCHO) is developing COPELAND PREP, a drama about teens at an overly competitive boarding school for (what else?) the CW.
  • Jessica Queller (GOSSIP GIRL, GILMORE GIRLS, FELICITY) is developing THE APARTMENT as a sitcom for Bravo.
  • Bill Daly (MIKE & MOLLY) has written the pilot for CONTINUING FRED, a sitcom about a slacker who finds her purpose in life as a teacher, for ABC Family.
  • Stu Zicherman (LIGHTS OUT, SIX DEGREES) is developing the drama THE DARLINGS for Bravo.
  • David H. Steinberg (AMERICAN PIE 2) is developing PHYS ED, a sitcom about a jock teaching at his old high school, for ABC Family.
  • Jenni Ross (hot on the showbiz writing “Black List”) is developing ALL AMERICAN GIRL as a drama for Bravo. (It’s about three women working at a women’s lifestyle mag, which spells “for chicks only” to us.)
  • Susana Fogel & Joni Lefkowitz (LIFE PARTNERS) have written the pilot for TERMINALES, a drama about a young woman’s life after she’s diagnosed with terminal illness, for ABC Family. (Talk about “for chicks only!”)
  • Krista Vernoff (SHAMELESS, GREY’S ANATOMY, PRIVATE PRACTICE) is developing RITA (based on a Danish TV series) for Bravo.
  • The CW has ordered a pilot script for EMBRACE, a BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER-type series to be written by Bill Laurin and Glenn Davis, based on a book by Jessica Shirvington.

Is Kickstarter the New Cavalry?

Upset because you can’t get funding for your film? Think how Bret Easton Ellis and Paul Schrader must have felt.


The Canyons is a contemporary thriller written by Bret Easton Ellis (Less Than Zero, American Psycho, etc.) to be directed by Paul Schrader (Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Affliction, Auto-Focus, etc.)  The Canyons documents five twenty-something’s quest for power, love, sex and success in 2012 Hollywood….

The Canyons team has realized that Kickstarter is indeed a part of this new independent change, and is seeking to connect with our fan base even further with this campaign.  Raising money will assist us in the production of our film in addition to increasing awareness of it.  There is a distinct value in having an intimate relationship to those who care most about our work, and we are thankful to Kickstarter for helping foster these relationships.

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Don’t worry about Ellis and Schrader. They got their money June 9th. And because the internet is indeed a wonderful place, “The Canyons team” never even had to specify what they’re going to do with the dough.

Only in  Hollywood. Oh, wait…