Comedy writing tips for newcomers

BAFTA winners and new writers, Andrea Hubert and Ryan Cull, tell hot about-to-be-new-writers their secrets of success. Listen up:

Community TV Seriesby Andrea Hubert and Ryan Cull

We don’t feel comfortable with advice. Taking it can be hard enough for egomaniacal comedians, but freely handing it out seems insane considering we’re still exceptionally new to TV writing ourselves. Instead, here are some of the things we’ve learned from our short time in the business.

Write with someone who makes you laugh

It’s hard to write a script by yourself, but it’s equally hard to find the right person with whom to write. We met after doing a standup comedy gig; we made each other laugh on the train on the way home. If someone genuinely shares your sense of humour and writing ambition, it’s a great start. But first make sure you work out who’s the “all-powerful head writer” and who’s the “lowly co-head writer” – it’s the source of 99% of our fights. read article