Crowdfunding: Seven things I learned about crowdfunding movies

Insights from an Aussie who knows. How much does he know? Well, Alex Cox wrote and directed REPO MAN and SID AND NANCY, dammit. Anybody you know have more cred than that?

Alex Coxby Alex Cox

Crowdfunding enabled us to make a piece that was simultaneously the cheapest deep-space intergalactic war movie ever, and the most lavish of student films. I was the principal director, screenwriter and production bookkeeper. Undergraduates did everything else: shot it, designed it, acted in it, edited it, composed the music and created the visual effects. Iggy Pop came in at the end and wrote the theme song: he and I were the only “professionals” involved.

Now I’m at it again – with a crew including former students, master screenwriterRudy Wurlitzer and visual effects genius Phil Tippett, on a new crowdfunded western feature, Tombstone Rashomon. The first time, I knew nothing about crowdfunding. read article