munchman: SAILOR MOON is coming back on the air – soon!


C’mon. You know you’re gonna watch this. You gotta. It’s fucking Sailor fucking Moon!

According to the P.R. we got over here at TVWriter™ Central (Southern California Division), Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal (yeah, it’s not the most wieldy of names – got a problem with that?) will hit the airwaves July 5th on the Niconico Video Service with new episodes on the first and third Saturdays of each month.

Yer Friendly Neighborhood munchman can’t speak for you, but my Significant Other (yeppers, I’ve got one, and she’s pretty damn close to human) is ecstatic. Cuz back in the day, she was Sailor Moon. Well, actually, she managed to get herself through high school by being undercover as Sailor Mercury, but, hey, close enough.

More about the show, including its voice cast and character models, here at ye olde Anime News Network. It’s one of the great fanboy homes away from home so you should know all about the site anyway.

July 5th. Be there.