Stephanie Bourbon on the Things Successful Writers Do

LB’S NOTE: One of our fave TV writers-illustrators-screenwriters-vloggers, Stephanie Bourbon, reminds us of what it takes for successful writers to get that way. Just the refresher course so many of us need.

No, we’re not saying specifically who but y’all know who you are….

by Stephanie Bourbon


This week I want to talk about the habits of successful writers because they do make a difference. And they are ALL things that you can start doing right now to change your writing career and take it to the next level.

1. Successful writers-WRITE. I know that sounds sarcastic and it’s not meant to be, but if you want to be a writer you need to write. You need to write every day. Now, there are many who will say that you only need to write when the spirit moves you but not if you want to do this for a living and actually make money.

If you want to be a successful writer—WRITE, every single day. 

2. They hone their craft. They take workshops, read books on the craft of writing, get into writing retreats with other writers, they constantly work on their craft. You don’t need to spend thousands traveling far away to another country or resort to do this–although, when you can, it is fun, but it’s not needed. You can read blogs like mine, or sign up for newsletters with tips for writers. SIGN UP FOR MINE HERE and get my FREE PDF GUIDE on HOW TO BE A SUCCESSFUL WRITER

3. They accept and take feedback. Feedback on your work is essential to grow as writer. Think of it as the athlete who goes over her game with her coach or the dancer who analyzes tapes of her form. This is needed for real growth. You can get feedback from professionals at workshops, retreats, and online events, and you can get feedback from your critique group.

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