Speaking of TV Writing…


Well, that’s what we do here on TVWriter™, right?

Which means this is the right place and time to let everybody know that today, right now, LB’s know-it-all book, Television Writing from the Inside Out is on sale at Amazon for only 99 cents, which is 81% off the list price. This is the Kindle version, but this is also the modern world, gang, so immerse yourselves in the ebook experience.

The sale ends June 9th, so take advantage of it now. (LB wants you to know that we tried to make the book free – as his way of giving TVWriter™ loyalists a gift in honor of his and Gwen the Beautiful’s latest wedding anniversary – but Amazon literally wouldn’t let us. Guess they just can’t bear to part with more than a few pennies of all those big bucks they’ve been making off the best book about TV writing ever written.

Television Writing from the Inside Out is available HERE. Time to get on over and enjoy it for cheap!