“Something Awful” Weighs on on the 2012 Fall Season

…And the analysis actually seems…fair. As in even-handed, not “meh.” We’d never use “meh” to describe SomethingAwful.Com’s POV.

New TV Show Roundup For Fall 2012! – by Dennis Farrell

Most of the Fall’s new shows are underway, with a few stragglers premiering in the coming weeks. This year’s batch has enough promising ideas and spectacular failures to suit anyone’s taste. Well, just about anyone’s taste. There still isn’t a reality series documenting Terry Gilliam’s ongoing efforts to make a Don Quixote movie. Until there is such a show, television will not be complete.

Still, there are plenty of new shows to consider.

So many things happened in the first episode of Last Resort that it contained an entire season of any other show. We had double crosses, hull breaches, three nuclear explosions, kidnappings, saloon standoffs, several levels of political intrigue, and a La Bamba dance sequence.

It was probably too much.

I loved it.

Andre Braugher is killing it. His character is at once an honorable leader, a thoughtful kindhearted dude, and one head rub away from becoming a modern day Kurtz. If nothing else, the show is worth checking out to see a great actor let loose on a super fun role.

The premiere of Lost was something special. It centered around a big fat setpiece and had relatively sparse character development, sure, but the tone was spot on and everything hinted at a greater depth.

Since then, every pilot with a prominent mystery angle has allowed overly witty character interactions and the dropping of hints to take precedence over the establishment of a consistent world for viewers to care about. Despite the involvement of J.J. Abrams, the pilot for Revolution falls into this trap. The show is just a little too light and inconsequential where it could be grounded and offset with actual moments of humor.

That said, if the series finds its footing there’s some potential. Revolution‘s version of a post-apocalypse is essentially The Postman meets Fallout, which could go in some cool directions. The show’s minor quirks can be forgiven if the violence stops taking the form of Reluctant Hero Kills 100 Dudes.

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