BET Co-Founder: “…we squandered a really important cable network….”

Aw, she’s just saying this because she can:

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BET Co-Founder Sheila Johnson Goes Off On The Network…Again – by Sergio (IndieWire)

She’s done it before and now she’s done it again. That is, BET co-founder Sheila Johnson criticizing the very network that she created with her former husband, Bob Johnson.

Personally, I think it’s an act of atonement, perhaps for those sleepless nights she’s been having for worryng about what sort of evil she unleashed in the world. Then again that’s just me.

Her criticisms this time came this weekend, when she was a speaker at the “Conversations and Encounters” program at the Carmel Art and Film Festival in Monterey County California.

Ms. Johnson talked about her early life and achivements and said that her proudest accomplishment at BET was the creation of TeenSummit , which ran on the network from 1989 to 2002.

About the show, she said that: “All those young people on the show became so successful because they had a voice. And we were talking about issues out there and they became leaders in life”.

However, she’s not too thrilled with the network now, which she said “reinforces negative stereotypes of young people, African-Americans in particular.”

She went on saying that: “I think we squandered a really important cable network, when it really could have been the voice of Black America. We’re losing our voice as a race as a result.”

And she went on: “I’m really worried about what our young people are watching. There are so many young people who are using the television as a babysitter. We have parents who are not being parents and not monitoring what their children are watching”.

O.K., all well and good; and granted, haven’t we all heard that before? But considering who said it, do you think she’s being just a tad hypocritical?

Um, nope. We just think she’s being a typical ex-wife, bitterly disappointed in the way her ex-husband has chosen to dedicate his company to profits instead of service. (“Nothing new here, folks. Move along, move along.”)