See What You’ve Been Missing by Not Watching GAME OF THRONES


by Team TVWriter™

We’re about to get all spoilery here and show you the big Red Wedding scene that’s had GAME OF THRONES fans up in arms since it aired a few nights ago. This video pretty much gives us everything GOT has to offer: Treachery, Love, Betrayal, Death,you know, the stuff that paranoia is made of.

Why are we showing this clip?

First of all, because it’s the most pirated TV series in the history of the medium. This series is hotter than hot. Which means that we know you’re interested in keeping up with it. And if you aren’t, well, hell, doods, you should be.

Second of all, um, because we love GAME OF THRONES.

Third of all, and this is a big one too, because we hate it.

To be precise, we’re really all into this because we feel both ways on the subject. We love the show and we hate it. Equally. And the strength of those emotions so completely captivates us that we just can’t help wanting to share.

What’s happened here is that we’ve found a TV series that we admire because it doesn’t just generate one emotion or the other, it creates a multitude of emotions and keeps them swirling around inside us long after what should be their expy date.

Think about it. A show that creates mixed feelings that are so intense that it completely overshadows everything else available on the medium and reminds us more than anything else we’ve encountered in the realm of entertainment of the emotions brought about in another mysterious and dark realm: The one we call Real Life.

Enjoy! (Or not.)