Remember All Those Promises Of an Interactive Multi-Media Future?

They were a big deal in the 1990s. Everybody who was anybody in the media was talking about how video, print, audio, you-name-it would be linked in magazines, books, and on the web.

Then they got all quiet about it, like they were embarrassed.

But now, about 20 years after the talk started dying down – it’s here. Thanks to – of all places – the New York Times.

Avelanche Multi-media

What’re we talking about? Just this fascinatingly presented article by John Branch about a Washington state skiing disaster, filled with, um, stuff you have to go to HERE to see. (But you won’t be able to see it on old browser like IE 8, so don’t start yelling at us, okay?

Ah, the future of the Information Age arts. Here at last. Whew.