Peer Production: PARAPHERNALIA

paraphernalia short film

Having trouble getting your foot in the TV (or film) writing door? Yeah, it’s rough out there, we know.

Over the years TVWriter™ has seen new creators win and also seen ’em, well, drop out. (We’d never say “lose.”) And we’ve seen new creators find satisfaction just by doing, by creating their own films and bringing them to an audience w/o having to kowtow to the Old Media TV and film doorkeepers.

So, if we may, we’d like to offer a suggestion for starting 2013 off right:

Show yourself off by making your own film.

And by film we mean video.

And put it on this crazy little thing called the web.

John Williams made this little gem (as well as several others), and he’s now somebody TVWriter™ will recommend to just about anybody who asks.

And he made it the way he wanted to. No studio notes.

We don’t know John. So we don’t know how he’s doing, commerce-wise. But artwise? To us he’s a smash.

If we’d made this we’d feel very, very proud.