Recommended Reading: “The Bionic Book” by Herbie J Pilato

It isn’t his newest, but it’s one of Herbie J’s best:


by Team TVWriter™ Press Service

Our Superfan bud, Herbie J wrote this comprehensive history of THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN and THE BIONIC WOMAN in 2007. LB, who says he knows both stars “probably a little bit better than I should” and did, in fact, write an episode of THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN back in the day (it’s the one about an earthquake threatening a nuclear power plant with an explosion that could destroy all life…well, in the Western Hemisphere – but LB can’t remember the name), also says that Herbie’s book is “the go-to place for anyone who wants to understand the history of superheroes on TV.”

So anyway, The Bionic Book is available on Amazon.Com, and everybody involved with it is all aflutter cuz it just got this great review there:

“One of the Finest Pop-Culture Remembrances of All Time”
( Review of THE BIONIC BOOK, July 13, 2013)
by Joel Eisenberg
 “For baby boomers, ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’ and ‘The Bionic Woman’ not only made for appointment television, but were also truly seminal. Who could forget Andre the Giant (and later Ted Cassidy) as Bigfoot, or The Seven Million Dollar Man or… the surprising, heartfelt drama when Steve ‘lost’ Jamie?  Only to, of course, learn that Jamie never died after all, though her body rejected her bionics initially…Herbie Pilato has achieved something all-too-rare and, as a result, outstanding.  As I read [The Bionic Book], I was brought back. Brought back to my youth, to my Six Million Dollar Man Bionic Action Club membership, comic books and Kenner action figures, brought back to my 12th birthday – the ‘debut’ of ‘The Bionic Woman’…brought back to happy, thrilling moments of my youth.  Pilato is so clearly a fan, his affection is evident on every page.  An amazing record wrought from hours of interviews, comprehensive episode guides, photos…manna.  I am not exaggerating with my calling this book one of the finest pop-culture remembrances of all time. This is for fans, written by one of the biggest fans of all.  As to the writing, precise and informative.  As a life-long Bionic geek, I learned something new in every chapter.  I cannot recommend this highly enough.  I am in ‘the business’ and this book, also a document of the inner workings of television, will go down as a classic.”

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