Project Greenlight is Back

The Usual Suspects
The Usual Suspects

Oh no! We mean, yay! We mean…well, we’ll have to see the new version of PROJECT GREENLIGHT when it returns to HBO after a hiatus of a decades. Will it really discover new filmmakers? Talented ones? Considering what came out of the original series, we’re doubtful.

But hope. We got miles and miles of hope.

Anyway, here’s the teaser:

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  1. I was a semi-finalist in the very first PG. I was told there were over 10,000 entries. Allowing that “rules” are up for grabs, I got my entry in on time and on spec. But when thousands of people decided to use Adobe’s offer of converting their screenplays to PDF documents at the last second and were told they had to wait days, they complained to PG who then decided to extend the deadline by three weeks. Golly gee, I would’ve liked an extra three weeks! Please, please, please… someone offer me a paying job where it doesn’t matter what I do – I know they’re out there. I encounter people in them every day.

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