Peggy Bechko on Dreams – Not the Night Time Kind

dreamcatcher800by Peggy Bechko

Do you have dreams? Not the kind you have at night while snoozing away, but real dreams. And I’m not talking about daydreams or fantasies. Not those thoughts about something you probably will never do or be like a multi-national CEO with a multi-million dollar golden parachute, or playing for a pro ball team, or being the first man/woman on Mars (though if those are your actual real goals and dreams, go for it!).

Most of us have those fantasies and far-away dreams at times.

But what I’m talking about is those dreams of how great life can be, dreams that keep you striving and moving forward.

As kids many times anything seems possible. With the vitality of youth they visualize the future, a great and shining place where they accomplish what they dream, but somewhere along the line all of us seem to lose that ability and we narrow our focus to our jobs, our responsibilities, what’s expected of us.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The dreams we dreamed as kids are still alive and the universe hasn’t changed that much so they’re still dreams that can be realized. They’re within the realm of possibility. Sometimes we have to realize that we can get so busy doing what he need to, making a living, that the dreams shut down.

Am I a ‘dreamer’?  Yes, in that I never stop moving forward, never stop thinking about what I want to accomplish next.

This is life folks. We aren’t just all marking time waiting for it to start. It doesn’t matter your age. Life needs to be greeted as an exciting adventure. The path you choose, something that feeds heart, soul and mind.

I don’t have to write a tome on this to inspire you do I? Just suggest that now might be the right time for you to think about all those dreams. To sort through them, to find your place and really live life.

I happen to be a writer. It’s what propels me forward.

Maybe you love it as well, or maybe you want to be an architect like Frank Lloyd Wright, or a famous brain surgeon, or someone who makes a difference in the greening of the planet. Or maybe you want to pursue any of thousands of  inspiring dreams.

Look inside and take a step in the direction of those dreams.

Do it now.

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