Peggy Bechko: More Online Writing Resources


by Peggy Bechko

Okay writers – you’re on the web, you’re working, so now’s the time to share a few more links that might well be very helpful to writers of a variety of stripes.

First and foremost for screenwriters. I know you’ve been there, or I hope you have, but if you’re just starting out and haven’t focused in yet, check out Writer’s Guild of America, West. You don’t have to be a member, and it’s packed with lots of helpful materials. There’s contract info, screenwriting credit info, lots of writing tools and you can register your script there if you want. You can learn the lingo as well, screenwriting terms, etc. Head on over and root around. And if you need it, their  script registry is here.

And if you write scripts you just gotta read ‘em. So Simply Scripts is good at  and Drew’s Script-o-rama was still out there last time I checked.

I’m constantly telling writers to get the heck off the web and write. Social media can be fun but a time sink. But, if you want to add Stage 32 to your list for the occasional pop in visit, it could be worth your time. Just don’t let it suck you in altogether. It claims to be “The world’s largest social network and educational hub for film, television & theater creatives.” You be the judge.

Got a little time to play and just want to see what the genies of the web might come up with for story ideas? Then give a quick visit to Story Wonk Story Generator. Hey, it might get the juices flowing. Whichever, you exercise your own self-restraint to prevent spending too much time there.

Now writers work in various areas. Screenwriters, novel writers, non-fiction, articles, what have you, so resources can cover a lot of territory. Some writers work in more than one area.

There’s Writer’s FM for those who like to listen to author interviews and music. Sometimes live, sometimes podcasts. Writers FM is an online radio station created by writers, for writers — streaming live 24/7. It broadcasts author interviews, writing prompts, upbeat music and mini mysteries throughout the day. It’s non-commercial and doesn’t accept advertisements of any kind.

If you just need a great word processing suite Open Office is available with a google search or through Amazon free. It works really well and costs nothing.

Need a little legal information? There’s Publishing Law Center to lend a hand. Note this is for the publishing community, and doesn’t get into screenwriting. or those looking for a little psychological insight to their characters there’s the Archetype Writing Blog.

And of course don’t forget Slush Pile Hell – a grumpy agent’s selection of failed queries and his mental responses. Lots of insight on what kind of query letters NOT to write when fishing for an agent or querying a publisher.

And it’s not quite over yet. For you screenwriters out there you might consider checking into whether you have a local Film Commission. Whatever state you live in there’s probably a Film Commission or Film Office and where there’s such a resource there might well be references to a job section where you can get the latest info on any film being shot in your area. You’re a writer, sure, but it wouldn’t hurt to know the film making process from the ground up. And you could meet someone you can share your script with; someone who can help you get your script read by the right people. Look into it.

And finally, don’t forget Larry Brody’s TVWriter™ right here. Poke around. Take advantage of resources, enter a contest, take a workshop. That’s what all this stuff is here for. And it just might be what really gets you going.

Let us know your thoughts below. And If you have any resources you think other writers just can’t live without, add them too.

Peggy Bechko is a Contributing Editor to TVWriter™. You can learn more about her HERE.