Peggy Bechko Dishes “The Origin of Planet of the Eggs”

by Peggy Becko

armed - trnsp bkgrndOur fearless leader, Larry Brody, suggested I do an article on how the newly launched comic series, Planet Of The Eggs,  created by myself and my writing/illustrating partner, Charlene Brash-Sorensen, came to be. We’ve just published Volume 1, number one, “Cracked Open,” and number 2 already is in the works, with many more issues to follow.

It’s a bit of a long story, as many undertakings of this kind are.

A couple of years ago I was thinking about eggs. Don’t ask why; I don’t really know why. Eggs were suddenly a fascination of mine. And that led me to think about what if (that old writer’s partner – what if) there was a civilization of eggs that didn’t hatch, but awakened to fulfill some unknown story line. What if they had faces, character, personality, but were eggs? What if it was a place not ours, but much like ours in appearance and what if I could turn it into a comic book?

Lots of what ifs, huh?

So, it kind of sat there for a while, just tumbling around in my mind between other projects. There were obstacles. Create a comic book? What? I’ve written novels and screen scripts, articles and blog posts, but not a comic book. Hmmm, I’d have to create the whole thing? Or would I need to take the idea somewhere, but if so, where? Would it get killed even before the seed was allowed to germinate?

Okaaaay, so more time passed.

Technology is ever speeding ahead.

I spotted a software that allows the user to create comic books. This set up a whole new line of thinking. What if I took my little project and did it completely Indy? That meant I’d have to do everything. Write the script, create the illustrations, create the book and do the promotion.

Ummmm, yeah, with everything else I wanted to do. Hmmm. Daunting.

More time passed.with tail

Okay, so I can’t help it, I have to do something with the Eggs. This is my baby and it’s been rattling around too long and besides I’ve mentioned it to a friend (who became my partner in crime here). Now, for me, once I start to talk about something with someone, that talking gives it legs. Or at least that’s how it works when I think about scripts. Novels not so much. I’m more reticent to talk about them as somehow talking about a novel of mine that’s in progress seems to let the fizz out of it. Go figure.

But that’s another subject.

In this case the comic seemed to have the same push as a script. Once I started talking about it, it really needed to happen. And this was such an Indy project from the start that it had to move.

On top of that my newly snagged partner, Charlene, threw more enthusiastic gasoline on the fire. She’d claimed she wasn’t really creative when we first chatted about art and writing. My stance is everyone is creative – it’s a matter of finding out where that creativity is and how it can be used. And that talent and creativity might not be used in the arts, but elsewhere. However, having known Charlene a long time I was convinced there was something in there that wanted to go beyond her own protestations.

And Char proved me right. So chatting tuned into brain-storming and that turned into “Planet”. We started talking about egg mythology (the origins of this egg world) to go with the stories, story lines, characters, their traits and evolution, settings. It went on and on. We learned a whole lot about Photoshop, how the comic creator software worked, how PowerPoint could be used for some ideas. How to put together a comic script. It was, and still is, one heckuva learning curve.

And it is one of the most fun projects I’ve been involved with.

Creating an entire world via storytelling and creating pictures of our own to tell the tales. We painted eggs, took pictures, then put them on Photoshop to add what was needed. We take photos everywhere we go of walls and nature (one of the background photos of mushrooms in the first episode was taken when I grabbed my camera after they sprung up in my planter box) and trees and whatever else comes along in addition to locating photos we can use one way or another from online sites.

PLANET OF THE EGGS-VOL1-NUM1cracked open 2I’ve always seen movies in my head when I’ve written novels or scripts so this is a great extrapolation of that method. And the story ideas just keep flowing. I mean what would happen if the eggshell gets cracked? Medic! Pretty much anything can happen, as is always the case in fiction. We’re limited only by our imaginations and the parameters we set on our mythology and characters.

It’s amazing. The resources are out there, and more seem to crop up every day. And for the cash-strapped most of them are free or very low cost.

Will I go back to novels and scripts? You bet! Once this is rolling as we want it to I’ll have time to write on other projects along with “Planet” until the Planet of the Eggs has run its course.

But until that day, we have a Facebook page and we’ve even created a line of T-shirts to accompany the adventure . Heroic eggs, warrior eggs, strange creatures, adventure; what more could you want? So if you love comics or know kids who do, check out the adventures of our brave eggs and the amazing egg world they inhabit. Oh, and if you’d leave us an honest review that’d be great too.

Peggy Bechko is a Contributing Editor to TVWriter™.  Learn more about her HERE. And don’t forget to visit her sensational blog.