Netflix Continues Its Plot to Take Over Future TV

What? You think we’re kidding? Sorry, kids, but no way. These guys are so far ahead of the business plan/technology curve that if Old Media doesn’t act mighty fast it’ll never catch up:

netflixspeaksby Leslie Horn

Netflix seems to be really leading the charge on this 4K thing. CEO Reed Hastings…took the stage at Sony’s CES presser and said that all of its future original content will be shot in ultra high-def. That’s a whole lotta pixels.

It’s also worth pointing out that it’s not the first time Hastings has been around the show touting 4K on Netflix today. This morning he made an appearance at LG’s press conference to talk 4K support for Netflix on LG TVs. Liked House of Cards? Kevin Spacey is probably even more sinister in 4K.