Need a new home? For free? Forever? It can be arranged.

writeahouseCapture…In Detroit, anyway. Write-A-House is a new wrinkle on the traditional writers-in-residence thing because in this case the writer is just given a house. For your very own. For, like, ever.

According to the Write-A-House web page:

Write A House [is] the nonprofit organization that takes the idea of a writer’s residency quite literally. We provide writers with the unique opportunity to own a home in Detroit.

The Detroit writers and activists who founded the organization in 2012 did so with the intent of providing vocational training to local youth who would renovate vacant foreclosed homes. Then the homes would be given away to writers. This wild idea has taken flight since its conception. In September of 2014, we awarded our first home to a poet & historian named Casey Rocheteau, who has since settled in to what she calls The Brave New Home.

Write A House’s homes are located in an active, creative and diverse neighborhood of Detroit. This neighborhood was chosen with great care and deliberation. We’re not seeking to push current residents out, or drive up rental costs; we’re looking to invest in and help stabilize the area. This city has seen enough displacement, and we seek to build with conscience. We’re looking for writers who want to live and take root in Detroit and become a part of its rich creative landscape. It doesn’t matter where you come from, even if you already live in Detroit. If you are a U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident with a valid Green Card, we encourage you to apply.

TVWriter™ thinks this is so cool that we encourage as many visitors as possible to not only apply but also to contribute to the cause with a tax deductible contribution. Cuz if writers don’t help writers, who will?

More info on this whole magilla is HERE