munchman: Welcome to munchman Weekend

SpringBreak_PostCard-600x310by munchman

There’s been some talk around the halls of TVWriter™ that ye olde munchy one hasn’t been carrying his share of the editorial load here. Being that as sensitive and insightful as I am I’m not immune to the sting of unjustified criticism, I’ve prevailed upon our Beloved Leader LB to be allowed to take over and completely run the site this weekend.

And so, beginning with this post, that’s just what I’m doing!

Welcome to TVWriting munchman™, motherfuckers!

And don’t forget to write in and tell BL, LB how much you’ve enjoyed my tenure! (He’ll already be impressed by the way the visitor/view stats go ‘way up, but your commendations will be delicious fucking icing on the motherfucking cake!