munchman: Using YouTube to Brag About Robbing a Bank Might Be a Mistake

Yeah, we know this story is all over the interwebs, but it’s a slow news day, especially in showbiz. See, everybody who’s anybody is on vacation, and has been, since Thanksgiving and won’t be back in the proverbial saddle (AKA the casting couch) till after January 1st.

The A-Listers, and those behind-the-scenes types who control the destinies of said A-Listers (studio heads, attorneys, managers, agents, accountants) are all in Hawaii.

And then there’s the Z-listers, including lovely Hannah Sabata (above), current peer-produced video sensation, who are spending the holiday season in, well, jail:

Yep, you saw it, boys and girls. Lovely Hannah isn’t copping to committing a crime, she’s bragging about it. For the record, TVWriter™ is not advocating making your own reality-based video on a similar subject. But we do suggest you contact Hannah the Genius ASAP and see if you can get the rights to the story of her stupidity.

Considering who you’ll be negotiating with, you could end up with a real bargain.