Michael Kelso is Giving Us “The Look”–Aargh!!!

Yes, this is a hot new publicity photo actually designed to make us WANT to see jOBS. (Some people just don’t get it, do they?)

Yeah, we know this actor has a different name from that of the character he played years ago, but we’ve vowed not to acknowledge either his existence or the passage of time since THAT 70s SHOW.

Anyway here’s Ashton Kutcher you-know-who as Steve Jobs, proving something all of us who want to write TV need to know: Sometimes, no matter how well written a script is, a project – be it a show or a film – will still end up as shit because of the failure of some other element – production values, for example, the director, or, you know, the star.

And, yes, we’re predicting that jOBS, written by Matt Whiteley, will be one of those projects. Our advice: Read a copy of the script, which should be on the web soon (if it already isn’t), and then see the pic with your sense of humor firmly in place.

No, we’re not suggesting that you pay to see something we’re sure will be crap, but then again, we’re not suggesting you pirate it either. We figure it’ll be on an airline flight and/or basic cable very, very soon.