Somebody Thinks This is a Good Idea? WTF?

TVBizwire.Com has made the announcement to end all announcements:

‘American Idol’ Production Company Working on Project With ‘thirtysomething’ Co-Creator About the Rise of One of the Most Hated Men in History

FremantleMedia, the production company behind “American Idol” and “X Factor,” is working on a project about the rise of one of the most hated men in history.

That would be the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis in Germany. The project is based on the Andrew Nagorsi book “Hitlerland,” reports

It’s one of FremantleMedia’s highest-profile scripted projects yet, and the company is working with Emmy Award winner Marshall Herskovitz, a veteran film and TV writer and producer, on the drama project.

Herskovitz, who with his writing partner Ed Zwick created the series “thirtysomething” and “Once & Again,” will write the adaptation and executive produce with producer and manager Alan Gasmer, the story notes.

The series will focus on Berlin in the 1920s and 1930s.

“Berlin during the 1920s and ’30s was so alive, so filled with promise, so incredibly modern — even today, much of what we think of as new or avant-garde was created then,” Herskovitz said. “And it’s equally important — in light of the dark forces in our world today — to understand how a group like the Nazis ever came to power.”


TVWriter™ respectfully suggests that everybody involved in this project immediately resign and look for another line of work. Preferably one in which they have no contact whatsoever with human beings. (Or pets either, come to think of it. Or living entities of any kind, for that matter.)

Oh well, at least now we know where all the former Mitt Romney campaign staffers have gone.

EDITED BY LB TO ADD: I look at this article and see a situation where what this series probably will be is a presentation of Germany in the era of CABARET, with all the sex, storm, and drang pop culture of the era can provide. But if that’s what you’re selling, why not dig in and sell it that way? Why bring up Hitler and all the hatred and horror embodied in the name?