munchman reads POKING A DEAD FROG

deadfrog…Which, contrary to what you might expect, turns out not to be a self-help book but one about comedy writing instead. Some guy named Mike Sacks, who’s a little bit funny himself, has interviewed a ton of very funny (I almost said “indecently funny” that’s how funny they are) writers and performers and put their laugh-out-loud words into a book that may well become the go-to-guide to writing comedy.

Then again it might not. But I learned a lot from in interview subjects like James L. Brooks, Terry Jones, Peter Mehlman, Bruce Jay Friedman, Glen Charles, and a host of others. Mel Brooks is in this book too, but that’s not such a big deal cuz let’s face it, dude’s old and insecure and everywhere, as though staying in the public eye will make him immortal. Got news for you, Mel, it didn’t do all that much for John Lennon’s lifespan, did it?

Bottom line: Yer Friendly Neighborhood muncher thinks you’ll learn more than you could ever imagine just by skimming these very readable pages.

Check it out on Amazon.Com. Tell ’em munchie sent ya.