munchman reads “Comedy Writing for Late-Night TV” by Joe Toplyn

by munchman


  • This is a serious and very well-intended book packed with useful tips
  • It breaks the late-night TV genre down to its basic elements and tells the reader exactly what to prepare for when writing monologues, desk bits, sketches, parodies, audience bits, remotes and the like – the staples of late-night TV
  • In other words, you won’t find anything anywhere that’s more complete

The Not So Good:

  • This thing is so serious and well-intended that it’s only available as a paperback. That’s right – no Kindle version yet, which means it’s kind of expensive ($20.69 at Amazon as ze munchedman writes this)
  • Joe spends a lot of time telling us what he’s going to tell us until he finally gets around to actually telling it, which if you’re a ADHD kinda person can getcha kinda…restless


Buy this book. It’ll go down easy with some legal recreational pot in Colorado, say, or Washington State. And, almost as importantly, it’ll give you the best grounding you can get in short comedy. At least until Mel Sherer (look him up) gets around to writing his own tome.