munchman: Read Troy DeVolld’s New Book

by munchman

troy's bookThe book is called “And Another Thing” and it’s all about every TV writer’s least favorite part of the job, whether you’re working in scripted or unscripted television – NOTES.

Here’s LB buddy Troy DeVolld’s description of what he’s up to, in his very own words and everything:

Just wanted to let readers…know that AND ANOTHER THING, my e-book on the television notes process, is finally available at

The book takes aim at the notoriously contentious television notes process, wherein execs and creatives often bump heads.  The intention here is to get both sides of the equation on the same page with early-career advice on how to give constructive notes, checklists for assistants and new execs to consider during the notes process, and much more.

So if you, as writers, want to learn how to handle the ego-crushing rigmarole obviously designed by all the demons in hell to reduce you to ash before you even enter the final inferno, or if you’re thinking that someday you might want to do the creative executive thing and want to make amends for centuries of soul-crushing, misinformed, stupid, and just plain ignorant critiques from people who’ve spent their lives hiding behind desks and trying to second-guess their bosses’ -but not necessarily their audiences’- desires, “And Another thing” is for you.

Don’t just sit there and marvel at my venom, check out HERE.