munchman sees BONES 2014 Season Opener

by munchman

So what do you think? In this time-shifty era, is it a spoiler to give away the big shock of an episode if it’s already been broadcast? Or do I have to wait until I magically know that everybody in the universe who DVR’d it has watched the playback?

I ask cuz Lord knowz I don’t want to hurt anybody’s experience of the most upsetting event in the history of an otherwise sorta cute but mostly bland series.


Oh, the hell with it. Cuz this:



That’s it, gang. Nothing else to see here. Move along. Move along.


3 thoughts on “munchman sees BONES 2014 Season Opener”

  1. I thought last season was the last season. Didn’t they announce that? Big wedding at the end, HEA? I only see this show in reruns in the afternoons, so I don’t know what happened last season, but I swear I heard the show was ending.

  2. TV shows have a tough time marrying even their most romantic leads to each other. They make us wait and wait and then wait some more. I think it’s because the writers all have such terrible marriages and have no belief that their fictional heroes can succeed where they failed.

    Brennan and Booth got married at the beginning of last season on BONES. But the show is still going. I still watch it because my habits tend to go on autopilot. The show seems to be going on autopilot as well.

    Evidently the actor who played Sweets, like you, thought last season was going to be it for the series and went out and got hot as hell as a feature writer-director. So he needed some kind of an exit.

    In another other “Will they or won’t they get married?” situation, we were led to believe that Castle and Becket were getting married in the CASTLE season finale last season – but instead we got a cliffhanger with Castle seemingly dead. If he died because FIREFLY was being revived and Nathan Fillion was going to return to it, I’d be fine with a Castle death. But of course that ain’t happening.

    And, of course, who can forget the last episode of THE GLADES two seasons ago, which ended with its hero, whose name I have indeed forgotten, missing the nuptials because he was a bloody corpse on the floor of his cool pad?

    I hate all this manipulated marriage suspense. But then, I no longer have any say in this stuff…and am happily married to boot. Coincidence? Something more? What do you think?


  3. The will-they-won’t-they stuff does get old. Of course they will, they’ll just put it off forever. I’d like to see a show with a male and female lead who don’t and never will, but I don’t think that will happen. Once upon a time I thought the X-Files was that show, but they gave in to the pressure to bring them together.
    Personally I don’t know why people get married, but there are a lot of things about humans that I don’t understand.

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