munchman: Nikki Finke New Fiction About Showbiz Website is Now Open for Beeswax

Hollywood Dementia Capture

No longer so infant but still muy terribe, famed Hollywood gossip columnists Nikki Finke, outsted creator of Deadline.Com (yeah, that’s a whole nuther story for a nuther day), is back with Hollywood Dementia, a new website presenting original fiction about all aspects of the Industry.

We could go into all kinds of detail about the site, but Nikki herself does that very well on its opening page, HERE. What’s more important to us, and to those of you who frequent TVWriter™ is this:

Hollywood Dementia is buying. It’s not paying a lot – an attempt at creating a paywall got so much negative response that reading everything’s free – but there’s some dinero to be had via visitor contributions.

Wanna get your Hollywood fiction published online? At a site that attracts the kind of audience that’s most open to your kind of work? With visitors who, if they’re so inclined, do in fact have the power to make you a star? Then don’t just sit there, CHECK IT OUT.

Oh, and if you do submit material to Ms. Finke, let us know what happens, okay? So we can report it right here on your favorite TV writing site, terrific TVWriter™.



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