munchman: Do You Know About the Sundance Institute Episodic Story Lab?

Sundance Story Lab Captureby munchman

Actually, storytellers were much more than all-round traveling public service units back in the days of yore. For aboriginal people, storytellers were sacred, prophet-minstrels whose tales gave order to the chaos of their lives. But I’d never expect a fucking actor like Robby Redford to know that.

Still, the guy’s done a pretty good job with his Sundance gig, including the creation of the Sundance Episodic Story Lab, which is all about preparing you, me, and whomever else can crack open the gate and get in, a quick, down, and dirty course in writing for TV.

Well, okay, so Robby probably didn’t do it, but, hell, he has even more minions than LB so…that.

Anyway, Sundance is offering a 6 day story workshop September 27th to October 2nd of this year, and they – and TVWriter™ – think you should know all about it. So here’s the skinny on their awesome offering:

Over the past five years, we have seen an explosion of opportunities for writers working in the cable network/online space for serial content.

Although the opportunities are growing, there are still few training grounds for writers with independent and diverse voices who want to work in this changing landscape of episodic writing. With storytelling at the core of the Sundance mission, the Institute is in a unique position to offer this.

Sundance Institute’s Episodic Story Lab will provide independent and underrepresented writers the opportunity to learn how to develop stories and characters that play out over multiple episodes, working in a setting where they can hone their writing skills and gain insight into navigating the business with accomplished creative and strategic mentors. Our world renowned Screenwriters Lab will serve as a model as we identify and develop new writers, compelling stories, and showrunners/creators for the burgeoning opportunities for episodic storytelling on all platforms.

The Lab will be organized as an immersive experience for ten writers over a six-day period at the Sundance Resort in Utah, home of our Feature Film Program and Documentary Film Program Labs. Although drama and comedy writing (single camera half hour comedy) are considered different skill-sets in episodic storytelling, the Lab will include writers and advisors from both areas of focus, divided into separate tracks for the first two days of one-on-one creative story sessions. The full group will come together for late afternoon and evening screenings and conversations and for the remainder of the Lab. The second half of the Lab will include extended in-depth sessions focused on navigating the key creative and tactical elements that are central to any writer/showrunner’s success.

Yer friendly neighborhood munchy one particularly likes the “sessions focused on navigating the key creative and tactical elements that are central to any writer/showrunner’s success” cuz the way I see it that’s truly the only stuff you can teach. The writing thing takes talent, but the politics thing – that’s something morons can easily succeed at. I know that cuz I’ve met so many highly placed idiots that the evidence is overwhelming.

Anyway, to find out more about the Story Lab and how to get into it and all that, you need to go to Sundance’s website, where all will be revealed…more or less.

Good luck! Write and tell us if you get in! And don’t forget to hire me if your class in the “tactical elements” sends you soaring to the top!

Here's yer free class in H'wood success - this very picture of how it's done!
Here’s yer free class in H’wood success – this very picture of how it’s done!