munchman: Ain’t No Such Thing as Job Security for Writers

The Evil Capitalist Villain who fired our Jay!
The Evil Capitalist Villain who fired our Jay! BOO!!!

Ye Munchie One has just confirmed that Jay Gibson, the head writer for the WWE (that’s a huge wrestling network in case you don’t know) has been axed due to “budget cuts.”

I can’t imagine that anybody reading this is surprised to learn that wrestling uses writers, but did you know that Jay is in fact an Emmy winning writer for his work as both a writer and producer on the daytime serial THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS? In other words, the dude’s the real deal when it comes to TV writing and he’s been discarded, at least twice, like a piece of used kleenex.

munchman appreciates this message from what clearly is The Hand of God and will heed its meaning. In other words, I’m saving my $$$ and am encouraging everybody I know who’s in the occasionally wonderful world we call the show biz to do the same.

And now it’s time to hoist one in commiseration with the Jayster, who hath given moi so much emotional – and bloody – pleasure with the way he plotted the twists and turns of TV wrestling’s saga!

(What? It’s only 8 o’clock in the morning? That’ll do.)





Wait! I just had a thought! (Yeppers, that happens once in awhile.) What if this is just another WWE scripted moment? An edgy breach of the 4th wall? Way to go, Jay baby!