Mark Zuckerberg Calls the ‘A-Ha!’ Moment a Myth

Funny, we like to think of Mark Zuckerberg as the myth. Oh well:

mzuckby Geoff Weiss

During Mark Zuckerberg’s first-ever trip to Bogota, Colombia — where he touched down yesterday to herald the launch of — the Facebook founder made a rather surprising admission: “I’m a big fan of Shakira. A really big fan,” he blushed. “I don’t speak Spanish, but I like her Spanish music.”

Zuckerberg, who seems more visible than ever of late after kicking off avirtual book club and rolling out a series of public town hall-style discussions, spoke of his love for the pop star — among more serious topics — during the third-ever installment of Q&A with Mark, which can be viewed in full right here.

In his latest talk, Zuckerberg took the time to share some fascinating thoughts about entrepreneurship, including common misconceptions that surround founders. When asked about the ‘exact moment’ that he came up with the idea for Facebook, Zuckerberg paused quizzically and said, “I don’t think that’s how the world works.”

“Ideas typically do not just come to you,” he said. “It’s a lot of dots that you connect to make it so that you finally realize that you can potentially do something.”

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There’s more, but we think this is the part that matters to writers.

Oh, and we also think Marky is, you know, wrong. (As in he hasn’t delved nearly enough into the details. Hmm, kinda like Facebook, now that we think about it….