Love, Relationships & the Female Writers of UNDATEABLE

Life is supposed to be a learning experience, yeah? And writers are supposed to learn as much as we can so we can pass our knowledge along to readers and viewers, right? Ever think about what TV writers are learning?

 (from left) Undateable writers Allison Bosma, Laura Moran, and Amy Pocha.
(from left) Undateable writers Allison Bosma, Laura Moran, and Amy Pocha.

by Jessica Radloff

Although working on a show about dating and relationships doesn’t necessarily make writers experts, it certainly helps open their eyes to all sorts of scenarios and solutions. They are, after all, in a room with 10 other people talking about relationships every single day. So, we wanted to ask Undateable‘s three female writers, all of whom are in committed relationships, what they’ve learned from writing for the show.

Meet Allison Bosma, a married Wisconsin native, who actually had actors Brent Morin (Justin) and Rick Glassman (Burski) in her wedding! She originally moved to Los Angeles seven years ago to be an actress (and even auditioned for Undateable), before she discovered writing as a passion. Her writing partner on the show is her husband, Jon DeWalt.

Meet Amy Pocha, who also has a writing partner (named Seth), but she’s not married to him. She is, however, newly engaged to someone else. Pocha’s TV writing career started as an assistant on the ABC drama Karen Sisco, then the CBS comedy Bad Teacher and Comedy Central’s Trip Tank. She calls Undateable “the perfect match.”

Meet Laura Moran, who got her start as a writers’ assistant on How to Be a Gentleman on CBS before it was canceled after two episodes. Still, “I was there till 4 A.M. every night proofing a script for minimum wage because I loved it so much.” Luckily, a little hit show called How I Met Your Mother came along, which was followed by a writing position on TBS’ Ground Floor. The USC alum has been dating her boyfriend for eight years, and he’s also a writer, but for kid shows.

Glamour: All three of you are in relationships, so what kinds of advice do the guys in the writers’ room want to know?
Amy Pocha: A lot is about texting etiquette.
Allison Bosma: They ask, “What kind of restaurant is too fancy? What should you get for a birthday present?”
Amy: Or, “Do you show up with a present to her birthday party or not?”
Laura Moran: Like, “What does her response mean?” One time, one of the writers invited a girl to [see a taping ofUndateable] and she didn’t show up, so he wanted to know if he should give her another chance.

Guys think a lot about dating and relationships.
Laura: We’re writers. We’re very sensitive souls and also very brash. So a lot of these guys might be brash on the outside, but they’re very emotional creatures. They get worried that the girl didn’t text them back, or worried how to propose to their girlfriend, or worried about making enough money to afford a house and raise kids.
Amy: One guy was like, “I should take this girl to a restaurant and a movie, right?” and I was like, “No, do what you enjoy! Do something fun together. If you want to go shoot pool or go to a comedy club, do that.” Don’t think you have to do what everybody else thinks….

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