Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 9/21/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are

  • Dylan Moran (Big Name Irish comic) has a deal to write an ABC sitcom. (That’s it. All the info we have. But this dude starred in and co-wrote one of the craziest Britcoms we’ve ever seen, BLACK’S BOOKS, so we’re looking forward to whatever emerges.)
  • Hank Nelken (SAVING SILVERMAN) is writing a CBS sitcom pilot called SISTER WHIPPED. (About, we assume, a nerd with sisters who’ve kept him from knowing what a, you know, guy should really be like. Anybody know if we’re in the ballpark here?)
  • Jim Agnew & Sean Keller (upcoming feature TOKAREV) are writing a pilot for THE THIRTEEN, which is described as “a contemporary drama [that] takes place in a world in which the colonies lost their bid for independence and [are] still fighting…for freedom.” (Whoa, a 250 year war? Those are some inept freedom fighters, no? Or are we going to see a bunch of Afghanistan metaphors?)
  • Greg Poirier (NATIONAL TREASURE 2) is writing the pilot for NBC’s WOLFE, a sort-of-a-spy-spoof about a fake CIA hero and the baddie who knows he’s a fraud. (We hope this gets on the air cuz we lurve, lurve, lurve to watch executive miscalculations that lead to new series that appear for 6 episodes and then vanish forever. Yeah, sure we do.)
  • Ken Biller (PERCEPTION) has a new overall deal with ABC Studios, under which he’ll continue as showrunner of PERCEPTION and also create tons of similar hits. (Or maybe not so similar, which to us chaos-loving types could be way better.)