Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 12/14/14


Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are
by munchman

  • George C. Wolfe (Tony winning playwright) is developing a Starz series called STORYVILLE, set in the legendary turn-of-the-century New Orleans jazz community of the same name. (Please forgive yer friendly neighborhood munchman for not getting all “Wow! Wow!” over this. I loves me some good jazz…but New Orleans = dixieland, and dixie just don’t cut it. Now if the series was about Birdland….)
  • Ian Sobel & Matt Morgan (FROM DUSK TILL DAWN) are adapting Heather Hildenbrand‘s digital novel, Imitation, into a series for NBC. (Cuz ORPHAN BLACK has a huge cult following and it’s about clones, and somebody’s got to imitate it, so….)
  • The Crow Girl trilogy, a Swedish book series written by Jerker Eriksson & Hakan Sundquist is being developed as a TV series by ITV. (It’s science fiction, it’s complex, it sounds interesting, but munchilito’s got more important things to giggle about. I mean, “Jerker Eriksson?” Jerker!? God, that’s funny. No? No? C’mon, Jerker! Dammit!)
  • Gary Dauberman (ANNABELLE) is writing the pilot for USA’s THE TERRESTRIAL, a science fiction series that features an “estranged teenage daughter…a schizophrenic man…kidnappers…aliens” and more. (Cuz more is always better in TV. But not – hey, I gotta say this no matter who it hurts – not as good Jerker Eriksson. “Bring me the head of Jerker Ericksson!” Oh, God, I gotta write that one!)

That’s it for now, munchachos. Don’t forget to write in and tell yers truly what you’ve sold when you sell it. Cuz TVWriter™ can’t wait to brag to all your friends. (And, more importantly, enemies. Hehehe….)