Lockdown got you down? Here are 4 productivity tips to keep you at the top of your game

Writers and other creatives aren’t the only ones who suffer from productivity problems. Just about everybody in every walk of life does. Here’s how a genuine OMG business recommends dealing with overwhelming stress. With a little ingenuity, they can work for us too.

by Yessi Bello Perez

Approximately [six] months ago, Western countries shut down as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and most employers asked their employees to work from home.

For those not used to working remotely full-time, doing so proved to be an understandably challenging time: working away from colleagues, potentially surrounded by family and small children, makeshift desks and offices, and uncertainty-induced anxiety about what lay ahead.

As always, the tech community has been quick to share productivity tips and advice to help others deal with what some have already deemed ‘the new normal.’

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But what’s changed some 60 days later? We spoke to several tech founders and CEOs to find out.

Let’s face it — loungewear is the way to go

Caroline Plumb, founder of Fluidly, a cashflow management tool, says working from home during lockdown with three children has been a completely new experience for her.

Her working day, she says, has lengthened considerably but become more efficient.

“No one wants to stay on video calls longer than they need so meetings tend to be 20 to 40% shorter. We are also better at keeping minutes and notes in shared documents so less time is wasted on missed actions or misunderstandings,” she explains.

Early morning runs have been keeping Plumb sane and she’s used this time to clear her head and sort through priorities but also to get clarity on many longer-term strategic questions….

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