LB: When the Funniest Woman in the World Speaks, I Listen

Miranda Hart with some minor players
Miranda Hart with some minor players

\Oh, God, I love Miranda Hart. Writer, actress, human being…she’s perfect. Just damn perfect. Which means, yeah, if you don’t know her work you really need to:

It wasn’t easy coming up with a reason to write about Miranda, who’s huge in the UK but hardly even known here in the U.S., but last week she gave an interview on the UK’s Graham Norton show which encapsulates why everyone who knows her work – from my wife and myself to, oh, TVWriter™ Contributing Editor Cara Winter and, um, erm…let me get back to that – is so charmed.

Talking about her recent UK stand-up tour she admitted that it wasn’t an experience she enjoyed, saying, “I didn’t love it…I am not used to that level of attention and it was stressful. It was a surreal experience.”

More importantly to TVWriter™, she also had a few things to say about writing, especially about – gulp – writing her BBC series, MIRANDA:

I’m very naughty to keep saying I hate writing it, but I hate writing it. I didn’t realize before I started writing it how technical, prescriptive and intricate the stories are. When I was writing it, I had the image of a viewer in my head with a remote control, and I was saying, “Don’t switch over. Don’t switch over.”

Hmm…sound familiar?

The bad news for total fanboys like me was the reveal that her series is ending soon. The good news was that the end will come via a couple of Christmas specials which are “going to be the finale of the whole thing. It’s the right time for her [the Miranda character] to come into her own, to be happy and to succeed.”

If you’ve never seen the show, you have no idea why what makes me so happy. So watch the video above, hear?

Not later, darlings. Now.

Bear with.