LB: What’s Up with Troy DeVolld?


My old bud from the heyday of the Writer Action Forum, Troy DeVolld, is one of the primo reality TV producers in the country and author of Reality TV: An Insider’s Guide to TV’s Hottest Market, a truly inside and extremely helpful look at the reality TV biz and how to get started in it.

Troy is also the very helpful owner-operator of RealityTVTroy’s Blog, and TVWriter™ merrily reprints Troy’s posts there whenever possible. The pickings have been scarce lately, and for awhile everyone here was a bit worried about him.

Turns out there was absolutely no need whatsoever for that worry. Troy’s blog posts have been sparse because he’s been working his butt off as a producer on two different series that will be starting up soon.

The first is HOLLYWOOD DIVAS, set to premiere on TV One on October 8th at 10 pm Eastern time. Check out the promo:

Troy’s second new series is really an old fave he worked on years ago and has now gone back to. None other than – wait for it – DANCING WITH THE STARS, which returns for its 19th season September 15th. And, yes, the Troyster has gracefully supplied us (and all of YouTube but I’m trying to keep that quiet and look exclusive) with a promo for DWTS as well:

The TVWriter™ minions and I urge y’all to give both shows a try cuz if you like that kind of thing they’re pretty damn good.

And even if you don’t, Troy DeVolld is one of the most straight-up, honest, and open guys in any biz. If you’ve read his book or his blog posts or seen him interviewed on TV you know that he’s totally aware of exactly what “reality TV” is all about and never holds back. So I firmly believe he and his should be supported, that’s all.