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This went out to everyone on the TVWriter™ email list yesterday. But since a few of you don’t subscribe (you can fix that HERE), I’m posting it here as well.

And in this version I actually get the year right.

I, um, think.



Hope you all had a terrific holiday season. Time now to fill everyone in on what’s in store at TVWriter™ University this month, and next as well.

The first Advanced Workshop of the year 2015 will start January 15th, and end the first week in February.

The Advanced Workshop is for writers who understand the fundamentals of storytelling (plotting, characterization, that kind of thing) and screenplay format. I know you’re out there because this class always fills up. At the moment, it looks like we might only have 1 opening left, so email me ASAP to make sure you don’t miss it.

The next Basic Workshop will start January 20th and run for 6 weeks.

The Basic Workshop is for newbs who want to learn about storytelling and characterization in general and about TV and screenwriting format and how to fulfill the needs specific to showbiz. I only hold this class twice a year, so I urge all interested parties to get in touch pronto.

The next Master Class will start when up to three writers whom I know to be of professional caliber tell me they need it. In other words, this is an on-demand class, so it’s up to you. Get in touch with me and we’ll talk.

TVWriter™’s marketing consultant says that I don’t try hard enough to sell myself, so here’s a little spiel to assuage her:

“What better time than the beginning of the year to plunge into a TVWriter™ Workshop and join the other students who’ve gone on to become part of the Warner Brothers Writers Workshop, best-selling novelists, TV station managers, indie film writers, directors and producers, and staffers on such shows as ONCE UPON A TIME, ONCE UPON A TIME IN NEVERLAND, GREY’S ANATOMY, SMALLVILLE, BIRDS OF PREY, THE WALKING DEAD, THE LEFTOVERS, even HOLLYWOOD DIVAS, DANCING WITH THE STARS, and who knows what else?”

Whew. That was embarrassing. True, but embarrassing.

Moving on:

You can find a complete overview of TVWriter™ University with links to all its classes, including their prices, HERE

And if you want to talk to me personally about it, that’s totally cool. Just drop me an email HEREand ask.



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