LB: The Doctor Puppet’s Creator Says Thanks

And now a word from a blog we usedta love:


by Alisa

Hello Doctor Who Tumblr!

You folks are awesome. Without you I never would have been able to launch my Doctor Puppet YouTube series, which has become so big it has taken over my life. So maybe I shouldn’t thank you..? Haha. Just kidding. That’d be silly of my. SO THANKS!!! If you ever want to have a picnic in the park with a puppet (and his maker,) you know who to ask. 🙂

Why don’t we love it anymore? Three reasons – which we’re giving here so that all those involved, as well as all those who want to start really successful blogs, whether on Tumblr or elsewhere, can, you know, learn:

  1. The Doctor Puppet’s creator is now so busy with her YouTube series that the pictorial messages that this blog was all about are now few and far between.
  2. The Doctor Puppet is no longer just one incarnation of the Doctor. Now there are two of them. Which screws up the focus by taking it away from – let’s face it – the cutest, sweetest-looking Doctor ever, Numero 11.
  3. Instead of it being the Doctor Puppet’s blog, with his voice speaking directly to us, it’s now the creator’s blog, in her voice. Which is a shame because the voice of the original Doctor Puppet, even though we only read and never heard it, is also the cutest, sweetest ever-lovin’ thing in the world.

Moral of the story: It’s the creation that the audience loves, not the creator.

Another moral of the story: Content Creators, make sure you know exactly what makes your creation work…and stick to it. (Oh, you can and should add elements, sure, but it’s always a mistake to subtract from success.)

Yeah, right. Here I am giving free, unasked-for advice. See the things that love makes us do?



Author: LB

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