LB Sees Episode 3 of PERCEPTION

by Larry Brody

Learned a hell of a lot about myself on this one.

And, no, not via the serial killer character. Someone much closer to home.

They don’t have Chicago right yet, and I got tired of all the fathers of women law enforcement officers owning bars years ago, but this bit of dialog, said by the assistant to Eric McCormick’s character, made me sit up and take notice:

One of my jobs is to find puzzles for him [McCormick] to solve to take him out of the life in his head…

Yeah, that was a bad paraphrase. The real line was much better. There also was this one, as our hero professor tells his college class:

The past and the future are just stories our brains make up. The only thing that’s real is the now.

(Also a bad paraphrase. My apologies to the credited writer, Stephen Tolkin, and everyone else who did writing work on this episode for mangling something I enjoyed so much.)

So far I’ve seen every episode, and I’m recommending this series even more highly now. Very perceptive writing. Not quite what I’d call “insightful” yet, but definitely heading there…

Author: LB

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