LB: In Praise of the Seattle TV, Film, Theater & Music Scenes

Some people call Seattle "Emerald City." I call it Bob.
Some people call Seattle “Emerald City.” I call it Bob.

I don’t live in Seattle, but I’m close. All it takes for me to get there is a 45 minute drive and a 20 minute ferry ride. (Plus all the ferry waiting time. Aargh! But I’m not talking about that now.)

And I don’t live where I live because of the Seattle art scene. (Or any other art scene either, but I’m also not talking about that now.)


It turns out that Seattle is an awesome creative center. So awesome it gives me goosebumps. So it’s more than mere civic pride that leads me to present these noteworthy examples of what’s happening just below the Space Needle’s, erm, nose:

1) Seattle TV – well, Seattle Interweb TV, but this is the 21st Century, kids, which means – they’re officially the same:

2) Seattle Film:

3) Seattle Theater:

Read the script for
interlace [falling star]

4) Seattle Music:

I’ve found lots of other favorites, of course.

Creator/writer/director/musicians like:

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