Netflix & Dreamworks Just Checked into a Motel Room Together

…And they’re determined to make it An Affair To Remember. (Ouch! Sorry! Really!)


Netflix Just Staked Out New Ground in Fight for Your Kids’ Eyeballs
by Brian Barrett

Starting next year, Netflix will begin showing exclusive shows starring characters your children are already intimately familiar with. The collection will include nearly 300 hours of programming, and it could end up being a more important chip than a dozen Arrested Developments.

The collaboration is with Dreamworks, vendor of kid-friendly franchises like Shrek and Kung Fu Panda. Not only some of those movies be coming exclusively to Netflix—sorry Amazon Moms—they’ll be carrying in tow original series based on those characters, starting with Turbo F.A.S.T, an extension of the speedy snail saga that’s coming out this summer.

Why is this so important? Because increasingly, kid-friendly entertainment is the end-all of streaming services. There are a few reasons for that, chief among them that it’s both cheaper to produce and harder to find on a whim than adult fare. When Binkley wants his Phineas and Ferb, he WANTS IT NOW. Much easier to stream those requests than fumble through your channel guide.

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What the hell? All this new tech is going to end up being aimed at kids? This whole revolution in the TV business model is becoming all about bringing toddler eyes to the screen/site? What happened to the whole concept of niche viewing for adults? For people who wanted mature, thoughtful, intelligent programming?

Goddammit, these motherfuckers can find a way to ruin anything!