LB: 3 Important TVWriter™ Updates

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by Larry Brody

Well, I think they’re important, so:

1. The fact that the Early Bird Discount for this year’s People’s Pilot is now over doesn’t mean that we’re closed for entries. Au contraire, mes amis, our signature contest is up, running, and eager to accept entries up to and including the very final minute of November 1st, 2016.

That gives you lots of time to write, polish, and enter…and you can even take the reverse approach – enter, then write and polish, because no matter when you pay your entry fee ($50 for 1 entry, $85 in toto for 2 entries at once) you still have through November 1 to submit your work.

More info HERE

2. The Master Class scheduled to start May 31st is full. But if you’re a pro or should be a pro and you want to take a Master Class from me, get in touch and we’ll plan for one in July.

More info HERE

3. The Advanced Workshop has always been the linchpin of TVWriter™University, operating continuously for almost 20 years. I’ve been taking a short breather from it, but if enough writers who understand the basics of storytelling and screen/teleplay structure want in I’ll be holding one starting May 25th.

I know. Usually I push and push this class, but, hey, the sun’s out after a very dark winter around TVWriter™ Central, and I’m perfectly happy to just bask for a bit. (And running the Advanced Workshop is – gulp – hard!

More info HERE

I love chatting with y’all, but that’s it for now. Gotta go out and catch the beneficial rays – oh, wait, are those clouds? Did I just hear thunder?