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The Essentials

The writers of NBC’s Superstore proved uniquely equipped to take on the stark realities of being a retail worker during COVID-19, while still managing to find some much-needed laughs.

It’s famously said that comedy is tragedy plus time, but what do you do when there’s no time? Specifically, say there’s a global pandemic—the deadly scope of which is still very much mounting—and you’ve got a sitcom to write?

While it’s hardly the most daunting challenge of the last year, it was a very real quandary for television writers across the industry as so many Americans sheltered in place, using the small screen as their only portal to a world outside. During the chaotic onset of the pandemic, some shows elected to ignore the crisis, while others found a way to write it into their storylines. Read more >>

Signatory Alert

Do not work for these bad actors on the Strike/Unfair list.

When signatory companies undermine your rights or the terms of the MBA, the Guild holds them accountable. For certain types of unfair conduct, The WGAW Board of Directors may place a company or individual on the Strike/Unfair list.

Please be advised that the company Treetop Movie Holdings, LLC, and Sebastian Hoskins of Treetop Movie Holdings, LLC, have been added to the Strike/Unfair List for failure to remit pension and health contributions on a covered project. Read more >>

COVID Concerns?

Get answers and assistance from the Guild on workplace safety and your contractual and employment rights.

This is your periodic reminder of how to access WGAW’s COVID-19 resources.

All employers have an obligation to provide a safe and healthy workplace. Guidelines issued by the state of California, and many other states and localities, currently require employees who can work remotely to do so, which includes writers’ rooms. If you are asked to provide services on a production set, or otherwise have concerns about your well-being that your employer has not satisfactorily addressed, please notify the Guild. Read more >>

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