Larry Brody’s Poetry: ‘Many Years Ago I Was Given A Gift’

 by Larry Brody


Performance art?

Many Years Ago I Was Given A Gift

Many years ago I was given a gift,

Although I didn’t know it at the time.

Oh, I was aware of my talent, and my

Responsibility, and my Big Chance,

But a gift? A gift was something

That just came to you, and I had to work at

My talent. I had to sweat and moan and

Force it all the time.

Now I have accepted what I was given,

And no force is required. My moaning

And sweating have stopped.

The responsibility, however, remains,

And in that is the true Big Chance.

I understand the meaning of the gift now,

And find joy not only in its use but

Its end, feeling thankful every time the

Right word or phrase or thought rolls out.

I have even learned to say what I feel:

Thank you, universe, for the poetry.

Larry Brody is the head dood at TVWriter™. He is posting at least one poem a week here at TVWriter™ because, as the Navajo Dog herself once pointed out, “Art has to be free. If you create it for money, you lose your vision, and yourself.” She said it shorter, though, with just a snort.