Larry Brody’s Poetry: 2 Short Poems

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by Larry Brody


2 poems today because I got a deal on them. (That short introduction was based on an old joke about why Moses came down from the mountain with two stone tablets instead of one.) Truth is that coming up with two poems instead of one is no bargain brain move by a longshot. For their creator, it’s double the feelings in at least double the time. Hope you enjoy:

If We Prepared For Life As We Prepare For War

If we prepared for life as we prepare for war,

What wonders would we miss,

Blocked out by our armor?

What strategies would protect our souls?

If we prepared for war as we prepare for life,

What victories would be lost

While our hearts were won?

You Don’t Die Unless You Want To

You don’t die unless you want to.

Anyone who’s come close knows it’s true.

You don’t die unless you want to,

And have nothing else to do.
You can’t live unless you want to.

Those who’ve come close know it’s true.

You can’t live unless you want to,

Or are damned to be one of a sad, sad few.