Larry Brody Department: Submit Your Script To The 2015 Portland Film Festival!

PortlandFilmFestCaptureby Larry Brody

The Portland Film Festival, Portland’s leading film non-profit – but not the Northwest’s because not only do we need know how “leading” is being defined in this situation but, hey, we’ve got the Port Townsend Film Festival, in Port Townsend, WA, the director of which used to live right across the street from yours truly (She didn’t move. I did. So it goes.) – wants everyone to now that it wants you/me/us to submit our scripts to it so that…well, I’ve got no idea what the submission is going to be for because the “Submit your script” page doesn’t say.

And, yes, I find this annoying. Because TVWriter™ and I personally are all about helping new writers find new opportunities to develop their talent and show it off and make oodles of $$$ or at the very least change their lives by feeling proud of themselves and what they do–

And I have no idea if the Portland Film Festival’s Submit your script (why aren’t Your and Script in upper case, I wonder) page is going to help with TVWriter™’s and my above stated goals.

Oh well, maybe someone can actually submit a script (or Submit a Script) and let me know?

The Portland Film Festival will run from September 1-7 of this year, and its website is HERE. On that page there’s a link with yet another spelling of the page to which you can submit your script, which is “Submit your Script” (see what they did there?), and  you can go straight there by clicking HERE.

Oh – the Portland Film Festival also wants you to “Submit your Film,” but from what I can tell isn’t spelling out exactly why about that either.

Nuff said.

Not by the Portland Film Festival but by me.



Author: LB

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