Julie Delpy Fesses Up – BEFORE MIDNIGHT was “Obsessively Written…”

“…down to the commas.”

And here you thought it was one of those fancy indie art films where the actors just improvised.

It’s all about the writing, peeps! Damn!

delpyby Dave McNary

Ten of Hollywood’s top screenwriters shared their secrets with their writing brethren last week — with a major focus on the precision needed to create believable characters such as Jesse and Celine in “Before Midnight.”

“The script was obsessively written, down to the commas,” said Julie Delpy, asserting that not a word of the romancer “Before Midnight” was improvised.

Delpy appeared during the Writers Guild of America’s “Beyond Words” panel discussion at the Writers Guild Theater in Beverly Hills. Writers from seven of the 10 screenplays up WGA awards attended the two-hour event, which drew about 400.

“We’re giving it rhythm during the writing process, which is really the hardest part of this process – to do the final film when you’re actually writing it,” she explained.

Delpy said that a 14-minute car scene — shot in a single take by director Richard Linklater — was by far the most difficult in the film.

Delpy, who is up for WGA [oops, CAPTAIN PHILLIPS beat her] and Academy Awards in the adapted screenplay categories with Ethan Hawke and Linklater, said the trio spent years constructing the back story of the Jesse and Celine characters from 1995?s “Before Sunrise” and 2004?s “Before Sunset.”

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